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What happens when the CUSTODIAN

has to fill in for the "Science Guy?"

You Get an Amazing and HILARIOUS Kid's Stage Science Show!
Your audience is there, the stage is set -
but the scientist does not show up for the gig!

What are we to do?  It is CRASH to the rescue!

Crash portrays the custodian at the venue - and he is here to save the day!  He quickly steps in and saves the day by performing the show using janitorial supplies and tons of humor.

STRUTZ ENTERTAINMENT brings close to a decade of experience on the stage with past hit shows as the Rock n Roll Science Show & the nationally touring Hillbilly Silly Science Spectacular. 


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Photos of our set, as well as your friendly custodian, "Crash!"  


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CRASH into science:

Proven stage science by a proven performer/producer!

Performer/producer Curt Strutz brings almost 20 years of performance experience to the stage, providing an educational and entertaining experience like no other!